Maui Entertainment


Camille de Castelnau


The daily life of an ordinary family, inevitably neurotic and conflicted, confronted with the serious illness of one of its children. Anne, the matriarch of the Vasseur tribe and a successful author of self-help books, is confronted with a #metoo that affects her publisher and lover. Her husband Pascal is trying to find his place with this woman who takes a lot for granted. Claire, deeply involved and troubled by her niece’s illness, must also forge a bond with her partner Antonio’s daughter, whose ex-wife is not doing them any favors. Marion tries to keep her family life afloat with Stéphane and cope with her daughter Rose’s illness by escaping into a relationship with Louis. As for Claire and Marion’s brother Vincent, a seemingly detached steward, he’s about to be hit by the reality of life.


Detection, viewing and clearance